The new site is launched

Published on February 26th, 2019

The site of the "French Canadian" has just been revamped. The old blog posts have not been transfered from the old site since there was too much confusion in them (before we discovered the truth about the invalid rite of bishops' consecration by Paul VI).

This new site is now bilingual English / French. We wanted to make some of the content accessible to French Canadians who have lost the use of the French language (in Canada and the United States). We consider indeed that our blood and our religion are more important elements of our nationality than the French language.

In the former site (Wordpress), there was a possibility to receive the latest news from the site by email. This option is no longer available directly on this site. To have the equivalent, it is now necessary to copy the link of the main RSS feed of this site (or the French RSS feed if you like better, indeed there will be more articles published in French), and to register on the IFTT "RSS feed to email" applet to automatically receive notifications when new articles are published.

The site has now a new orientation that is well described in this document. This was not the original orientation for this site, but our study of the harmful changes to the bishops' consecration rite by Paul VI in 1968 brought us out of our torpor and confusion (check also this and this). Paul VI, this anti-pope (since the assistance of the Holy Spirit would prevent a true pope from committing this abominable crime), by the changes he made to the rite of consecration of the bishops, have made almost all true bishops and priests disappear in the Roman rite. Indeed all the pseudo-confessions and eucharistic pseudo-consecrations are no longer valid for all pseudo-priests who are in pseudo-"complete communion" with this pseudo-hierarchy in Rome. You can understand the state of the situation by reading about the mystery of iniquity. The Catholic Church is still existent but is not to be confounded with this pseudo-hierarchy in Rome that has no authority. It is not the Catholic Church that is in Rome, but a fraud that masquerades as the Catholic Church. The true Catholic Church continues with the apostolic succession of validly consecrated bishops, which unfortunately are not very numerous, but still exist. Currently, we do not have a pope and the Church seems dead in appearance. The prophecies tell us, however, that she will be resurrected after this long period of purification ...

This drawing is based on a statue of Louis Hébert, a French Canadian pioneer. The statue is located in the Old Quebec. We can notice the look of Louis Hébert directed to Heaven, giving thanks to God for all His Goodness.