The French Canadian

This document describes the direction we want for this site. We describe ourselves as "semper idem" French Canadian catholics. You can also read the announcement when the site was launched.

A first version of this site was launched in 2013 with the aim of providing materials to some homeschooling families. The site has been redone in 2019. Little effort has been invested on the design of the site which is rather poor in our opinion. Indeed, if people visit this site, it will not be for its design, but rather for its content.

Some pages have an English translation. In fact, it's just as if there were two sites (one french and one english) because the content is not exactly the same for the english "translation".  It is more adapted.  For example, links are to external english sites instead of french ones. This is to better serve our Canadian-French compatriots who have lost the use of the french language, but also to play our God-given role as french canadian catholics in North America (a mostly english speaking territory).

We want to sporadically publish some comments about the news of the day. Unlike the homeschool material, the opinions expressed on politics and religion are mainly aimed at men.

You can be notified by email of new articles added to this site. See how here.

This site may eventually fill other needs. For example :

  • Helping men who have been abandoned by their spouse, to help them stay faithful even if some people falsely declare their marriage invalid.
  • Educational material for anti-liberal activists (patriotism, etc.).
  • More comments on the news of the day.
  • Particularly important book summaries.
  • Helping parents of children attending public schools, to help them counter the harmful effects of some perverse courses that are taught in public schools ("ethics and religious culture" and "sex education").

Finally, here is a quote from Holy Scriptures that inspired the realization of this site:

Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake:
Be glad and rejoice, for your reward is very great in heaven. (Matthew 5, 10-12)

Main author of the site: Matthieu Fecteau

Occasional Contributor: Yves Fecteau

We recommand

Warning : The people or organisations we recommand here do not necessarily approve
all the opinions we express on this site.


Some things to consider seriously :

  • Read the Gospel
  • Search for a good (and valid) priest
  • Pray to the mother of God (a rosary everyday)
  • Study the Truth (catechism) to save the souls of your loved ones and your own
  • Be baptized
  • Follow all God's commandments
  • Love God with all your heart and then love your neighbor as yourself
  • ...
Understand the crisis

The Rore Sanctifica website presents the research findings that prove beyond any doubt that the new rite of episcopal consecration of Paul VI (1968) is invalid.  Father Cekada has summarized the information very well.  There are no more valid priests and bishops (in the eyes of God) in the conciliar sect (except the very old ones). This constitutes a terrible punishment of blindness ... The Church has been eclipsed by an anti-church as Our Lady has prophetised at La Salette (France). 

True Restoration

True Restoration is a Roman Catholic apostolate to bring about a restoration of all things in Christ.

Novus Ordo Watch

Novus Ordo Watch is a web site specifically geared towards reaching people in the Novus Ordo Sect and making them aware that their religion is not the religion of Pope Pius XII and his predecessors.

Tradition Québec

French-only site of French Canadian counter-revolutionaries. They have understood the problem of invalid bishops' episcopal consecration in the conciliar sect (that falsely presents itseft as the true catholic Church). Thus they do not deny papal infallibility as R&R people are doing. The Tradition Quebec site is updated more often than this site.