Update on my position

Published on March 13th, 2019

By Matthieu Fecteau

Someone recently told me that he believed that I was wrong when I said that there was a vacancy of the Chair of Peter since Pius XII, since this would contradict the Vatican Council (1869) who teaches that there will be an apostolic succession in perpetuity. One hypothesis put forward was that there could be a pope, but one that would not be known to the general public (since the usurpers Roncalli up to Bergoglio can not be popes since they are heretics).  So a suffering and hidden pope could exist somewhere in the world.

I do not reject this possibility. However, the so-called "sedevacantists" offer a convincing refutation of this argument, demonstrating that the vacancy of the Holy See may be of long duration without the Vatican Council being contradicted. For my part, I am still in confusion and do not know who is really right in all this although I think the "sedevacantist" hypothesis is far more likely to be true. The truth on this point will eventually become manifest when the Church will resurrect. At that moment God, through His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, will perform great miracles that will easily be distinguished from pseudo miracles that demons could do.

However, I intend to focus on promoting, through this site, information on which we can have a certainty. The information contained on the site of Rore Sanctifica demonstrating beyond any doubt the invalidity (since this certainty is based on Faith) of the new rite of consecration of pseudo Novus Ordo bishops is precisely information that we could be certain about.  I want to inform people about this as much as possible, to the best of my abilities.